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There are days like this

I awoke from sleep at around 11:45pm today and I considered the fact that I felt rested and could get on with my day, often times when I feel the inspiration to do something I do it, and blogging is one of those things that I have always wanted to do.

To go back to my waking at the time I did, I usually go to bed around 11:45pm so waking at this time is not the norm.

Anywho… I am writing this because I am inspired, so please continue reading.

So as I am awake I am considering some of the things that actually hinder me from having a full and complete love for myself. And so I am thinking and as I sit thinking, I begin to see the thoughts running across the screen of my mind like headlines on the news- “fear of people” “fear of the future” “fear of my own potential”

As as a scratched record of a repetitive cycle I start to crying. I am crying and musing and reading and the whole process makes me feel lighter and lighter.

Much illumination starts coming to my mind as I consider the declarations that I need to be constantly making over my mind, my thoughts and my emotions.

There is a slight blur and I start to sing,well in my mind at least the song “Eternal Praise” resounds and I know that for whichever reason I may have gone to bed earlier that night, it was soo worth it.

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