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Overcoming Neck Pain

With the rise in work from home opportunities, inadequate physical activity and an increase in the use of phones and technology many of us are faced with challenges of chronic neck pain. The effects of it have been quite destabilizing but this does not have to be.
With the correct tools, knowledge and education one can actively put systems in place to mitigate this challenge.

Here are a few helpful suggestions/tips that once implemented consistently will help to reduce the effects of chronic neck pain:

  • Targeted Upper Back and Neck Stretches
  • Having at Hand a back and neck Massager or having regular back and neck Massages
  • Alternating the use of a warm and a cold pack at least once per day.

Targeted Upper Back and Neck Stretches are ideal in helping to overcome neck pain. A post from Mayoclinic 2022 mentions that “to prevent or reduce stiffness in the neck, trying simple neck stretches throughout the day will be useful. Some of these involve lowering your chin to your chest while keeping your shoulders nice and straight. The individual is encouraged to hold the stretch for 15 to 30 seconds. It is expected that they will feel some form of tension in the back of your neck and nothing more.

Having a Back and Neck Massager or getting regular back and neck massages will be quite effective in helping persons with chronic neck pain cope. Massages on a whole are helpful in relaxing muscular tension and pain so once those who suffer from neck pain incorporate this modality in their treatment. At least 15 to 30 minutes of massage therapy done once a weak will allow those upper back and neck muscles feeling more relaxed and pain free without movement limitations.

Additionally, the use of hot and cold therapy in the form of a hot and cold pack can be quite useful for muscular and pain relief for chronic neck pain. The difference with chronic pain is that there are no limitations as to when to use heat on the area. The recommended use time for each (hot or cold pack) would be maximum of 10 to 15 minutes so as to prevent skin irritations or burns.

To conclude we should remember that chronic neck pain does not have to be so debilitating. With the use of targeted neck and back exercises, massage therapy as well as warm and cold packs we can kick chronic neck pain to the curb.

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