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Welcome to the Paradigm Shift

PSF creates a unique Fitness experience to its clients by utilising Gymnastics, Dance, Therapeutic Massage and other methods of Cross-fit training for each market segment, both online and offline.

About Paradigm Shift Fitness Services

Paradigm Shift Fitness (PSF) is a Rehabilitative Fitness company founded upon the principles of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, to bring about wholesome transformation for our clients.

Based in St. Mary, Jamaica, we primarily offer treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries and postural dysfunction along with developing fitness programs for adults and children alike.

We create a unique experience with the combination of Gymnastics, Dance, Therapeutic Massage, and other methods of Cross-fit training for each market segment, both online and offline.

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Lipoedema is a condition that affects around 11% of the population of women. It is a condition whereby the extremities such as the legs or arms become really bulky or swollen with fatty tissue and can sometimes result in painful joints. Let’s become more aware of the different conditions that can affect movement and weight loss.
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Brief part of the interview.

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